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How to search the catalogue

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Printing and saving results

You can print either a page of card headings or a single card, by using your web browser's Print facility.

When you have found the card you want, you can bookmark its URL so that you can return to it later without going through the search procedure again. Use your web browser's "Bookmark" or "Favorites" facility to do this, or copy the URL from the browser's location bar, and then paste it to another application in order to save it.


Many of the items recorded in the card catalogue will be housed in the Library's Special Collections or offsite Store; that is, not readily available without prior arrangement. A list of classmarks and closed access locations is available separately.

Please check with library staff by emailing library@ucl.ac.uk before travelling from any distance to consult material recorded only in the card catalogue and with an open shelf location.

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What the card catalogue contains

What the card catalogue does not contain

PLEASE NOTE: that during the course of the weeding exercise some cards containing see references and added entries may not have been removed. Remember to always refer to Explore.

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How is the card catalogue arranged?

Personal names

Filing is by surname as the first element, followed by initials or first names in brackets. Initials file before fully-written first names. Eg:
Adams (A.C.A.)
Adams (A. John)
Adams (Abigail)
Adams (Alexander)
Adams (Alexander B.)
Filing is letter-by-letter. Eg:
Ledeboer (L.V.)
Le Dentu (Jean)
Leder (Arnold)
Personal names are inter-filed with the other types of headings (eg: corporate names).

If there are two or more authors with the same name
Authors who have the same name will be distinguished by a description of some sort (sometimes by year of birth). Eg:
Adams (Charles Francis) the Younger
Adams (Charles Francis) U.S. Minister at the Court of St. James's
Adams (Charles Francis) b. 1929
Vowels with an umlaut are filed as though they were spelled out in full.
Eg: Müller (with umlaut over the "u") will be found under Mueller.
Hyphenated names
Hyphenated names are filed letter-by-letter. Eg:
Smithers (William W.)
Smith-Gordon (Lionel)
Smithies (A.)

Corporate names

Corporate names can be organisations, governments, inter-governmental organisations, societies and other institutions.

Filing is alphabetically according to the natural language order of the words. Eg:
National Union of Students
National Westminster Bank
Take notice, though, of the order when there are full-stops which indicate sub-bodies and the end of the natural-language arrangement. Eg:
United Nations. Department of Public Information
United Nations Association
United Nations Association. British Section

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